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    1. CUSTOMERS 1st!

      1. The Customers First! Programme is a professional development programme for organisations intent upon creating high performance teams that achieve excellent customer service in their organisations. This programme takes out the best in the individuals, turn them into enthusiastic team players and align them into the direction of the organisation. Through the experience of the organisational and life skills, they turn them into winning formulae for the organisation. This innovative programme turns abstract theory into practical techniques that can be immediately applied in an organisation


      1. “The next time you want something from somebody, will you get it? Or will you get nothing because you have not mastered the techniques of selling?

      2. ‘But I’m not selling anything!’ If that’s what you believe, that’s why you aren’t getting your way more often – why you aren’t persuading more people to accept your opinion. That’s why your advice isn’t sought more often – why your influence doesn’t reach further and cut deeper” Tom Hopkins

      3. This programme will prepare you for the exciting and wonderful world of influencing and persuading Selling. You may be selling a product or service to a customer; you may be persuading better terms from your supplier; you may be influencing your partner, colleague, spouse or child with your idea. When you master the technology of selling, you will get what you want more often and more effortlessly.

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