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Life-Changing Programmes

Do you know how some people attend training seminars and came back to their work environment equipped with new skills and ideas only to lapse back into their old pattern of behaviour? Why is it that some things that people learnt, they are unable to remember them only after a short period of time? Would you prefer that you are able to retain 90% of what you learnt, effortlessly apply the new skills and strategies in your life and achieve a higher quality of life, as a result of that?

Traditional education focuses primarily on mental learning. As a consequence, learning retention is very low and behavioural change tends to be temporary in nature. To achieve life-changing results, the programme employs wholistic learning concepts that not only include mental learning; it also encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual learning. When you learn mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the learning becomes permanent. It becomes you.

Furthermore, change usually involves not just outward behaviour, but some other level 'below the surface'. It involves our beliefs, values, and 'parts' of us that we don't always recognise. Our behaviour results from all these presentations at many different levels. Unless change takes place in a person's mind, lasting change will probably not occur.

In order to make change last, you really want to have congruence between these different neurological levels. This programme allows you the opportunity to achieve inner alignment that results in sustainable change and enhanced quality of life.

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