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      1. Everything rises and falls on leadership; however knowing how to lead is only half the battle. Understanding leadership and actually leading are two different activities. This programme lays the foundation to the mastery of personal leadership and organisational excellence that will empower participants to lifelong achievements.


      1. Teams can easily out produce any individual in the long run and a Championship Team achieves extraordinary results. Who is on your team? Is everyone playing? Do you have the Championship Rules and Code of Conduct for the team?

      2. The Power Championship Team Programme is a professional development programme for organisations intent upon creating high performance teams in their organisations. This programme takes out the best in the individuals, turn them into enthusiastic team players and align them into the direction of the organisation. Through the experience of the organisational and life skills, they turn them into winning formulae for the organisation


      1. The Power Communication is a remarkable programme for Managers, Executives and Supervisors intent upon improving the degree, depth and intensity of their communication. You will come away with an in depth understanding of how communication takes place, the barriers to communication and how to overcome them. You will be better understood, create rapport instantly, improve cooperation with others and develop better relationships.

Leadership Development Series

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