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Misconception of Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning also known as AL is often associate with colourful decorations, baroque music and games. These however are not Accelerated Learning. It is simply some of the ingredient that is put together to create an Accelerated Learning Classroom.

So what is Accelerated Learning?

Accelerated Learning is a way of learning that makes it easy for the participant to learn as the means of teaching is natural to the learner. It is participant centered learning’ which involve a lot of interaction between the trainer and the participants. Therefore it would definitely take tremendous effort to fall asleep in the classroom. Instead participants will be able to absorb more information in less time compared to the traditional boring teaching method.

If facilitators use strategies other than lecture in the training room, it's not just to add fun and colour to a training session. It is to produce maximum results.

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“Why torture yourself with boring lectures when you can learn it in the accelerated way“

Integrating Accelerated Learning into Your Studies

By applying Accelerated Learning in your studies, it will enable you to learn much faster than your peer who are using the old method. Hence making sure that you are always at the top of your class. It will also allow you to rediscover learning, that learning is actually Fun and Enjoyable. The way it should be.


Integrating Accelerated Learning into Your Core Business

The most exciting opportunities for producing bottom line results through Accelerated Learning can be found in some of the most unexpected places. If used effectively, accelerated learning can enhance your meetings, improve the effectiveness of your project teams, and revolutionize your management practices. Integrating Accelerated Learning into the fabric of your corporation will help you harness the creative potential of your employees and keep your corporation on the cutting edge. It's not magic...but it will make a difference.

The Main Ingredients of Accelerated Learning

So, if Accelerated Learning is not about games and colours, what are the main ingredients that produce it? The ingredients that go into accelerated learning include:

  1. solid content that meets a specific goal.

  2. selecting training methods based research about how the brain and the senses interact to produce learning.

  3. identifying and accommodating diverse learning styles instead of using a cookie cutter or "one size fits" all approach to training.

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